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About the Author & Illustrator

Jane Lee Logan is a recovering serious person who, from a very early age, was certain she had no idea what to do with her life. While pursuing a graduate degree in "thisispointless," she had some profound spiritual experiences and, among other things, discovered she could paint just about anything. She went on to become "an internationally unknown fine artist," she says. There came a time, during a particularly challenging period, when she no longer wanted anything to do with making art and thought she would never paint again. Then one day she began doodling and the Princess was born. What started as a doodle now reaches several million people a week.

"It's really been for my own healing; I paint and write about the things I've learned, things I want to be reminded of, and things that make me laugh or smile. I've learned through experience that laughter and even the tiniest smile can be incredibly healing. The Princess & the Pup are fashioned after me and my little Maltese—it’s really been my journal, among other things,” she says. She never imagined her path would lead her to become what she calls an “inspirational illustwriter.” "That's really how it works,“ she says, "The good stuff, the stuff that brings real joy in life are those things you just can't plan.” She firmly believes that when we do what we love, we help others. And when we help others, we help ourself. 
She’s lived through periods of such darkness she wasn’t sure she’d make it through and says it’s the reason she works tirelessly every day to bring a message of encouragement and hope.  “I know there’s a place inside each of us that is beyond beautiful,” she says. “It’s a place where nothing is impossible, never dims, and is always with us. I’ve been very fortunate to see this and this work comes from that place—the same place that’s in each of us.”

She currently lives by the seat of her (sassy) pants with her hubby and her little white dog, Prince Pup. He can almost always be found in her lap or by her side...and so can the Pup.